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Corporate Risk

For any financial solution to be sustainable, there has to be a strong base of quality risk management in place.

Insurance covers will typically provide solutions for less than 30% of the risks facing a business. Our departure point, therefore, is to understand and assess the operational and strategic risks facing each one of our clients, to prioritise these and to offer solutions on how to mitigate risk. 

Very few risks can be eliminated. When it comes to residual risk, we offer financial solutions either via transfer into the insurance and re-insurance markets, or through self-insurance facilities. 

We believe in building strong and trusted relationships and partnerships with our suppliers and our clients and don’t subscribe to quick fixes and under-priced deals. 

Our services include:

bay-union-initial consultation-service

Providing an initial consultation and risk audit to gain an understanding of your business objectives and to evaluate the potential risks your business might face.


Providing advanced and specialized risk management solutions and work flow management through our affiliation with One Vision Risk and Rapid Global Software.


Offering implementation and training for the software to empower you, as the business owner, to manage your business’ risk yourself and via external validation from our team of expert advisors.


Providing insurance solutions across a range of traditional and non-traditional risks, through a variety of approved and reputable insurers.


Settling claims and acting 100% independently for you, with no ambiguity whatsoever.

The Benefit of Working With Us

At Bay Union Corporate Risks, we strive to simplify what is often perceived as a complicated, time consuming and challenging task. We always ensure that we offer user-friendly, accurate and informative solutions and don’t cut corners.

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