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Financial Planning

The Bay Union Financial Planning department is dedicated to helping you make the right decision with your money. We provide personalised and superior service by first striving to understand what you need and what your particular circumstances are. We then provide independent and expert advice that has been trusted by our clients for years. 

Some of the services we provide:

Estate Planning

Preparing for the future of your estate means that it will go to the right people and that your loved ones will be looked after.

Wealth Creation

We work independently so that we’re able to provide you with impartial and expert advice to find the perfect solution for you to grow your money.

Investment Management

Because we strive to form long-lasting relationships with all of our clients, we take a personal interest in your financial success.

Why Work With Us?

We’re proud of the many long-term clients we have provided for over the years, which is testament to our goal of forming strong and long-lasting relationships, that ultimately result in prosperous financial decisions.

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Why Financial Planning?

Because it’s about your life.

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